Raising Money to benefit organizations that assist in caring for and providing resources to sick infants and families who have lost infants in and around Central Iowa

Sometimes it’s the small things that mean the most


A look.   A smile.  The touch of a hand.


“Thumbies” Fingerprint Keepsakes
Bridging Time & Distance with a Touch!

Meadow Hill Company crafts keepsake jewelry from the unique fingerprints of the special people in our lives.


From a supplied two-dimensional ink print, we create exact three-dimensional replicas in precious metals. The surface of each piece invites touch; the engraved backside records a name and date or special message. More than anything else, Thumbies keepsakes connect us with those we love

Order through  View all the options to see what they offer.



Memory Bears

These specific bears were made from one of John’s first blankets. John’s mom had a bear made from each side of the blanket & a replica of the actual blanket to go with each bear. This was John’s dad’s birthday present.

These bears can be made from articles of clothing &/or blankets.



These impression are of John’s hands that we made while in the hospital. We took a shadow box & surrounded the mold with one of John’s receiving blankets. You could surround the molds with many things, a small stuffed animal could be placed in the shadow box too.






Molly Bears

Molly Bears are “An Angel Baby’s Cuddle Sent To a Mommy In Need”.  A teddy bear to hold in your arms.  It is hand sown, weighing the same as your angel baby.  Click on link above to learn more about “Molly Bears”.


Molly Bears exists to create a positive and comforting impact to families enduring any form of infant loss.



Please let us know other ideas you may have that could help others with keepsakes. We would love to share ideas you may have!

October 2017

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