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Angel Care Deluxe Monitor

Become more aware even if your baby is sleeping.

The Bebe Sounds Angelcare Deluxe Movement Sensor with Sound Monitor can detect baby’s slightest movements even asleep. There’s an alarm that will sound if it detects that there is  no movement for 20 seconds.

They come with two parts – the main unit, plus a sensor pad that goes under the mattress to detect the teeniest movements. Even breathing.

If the baby has been still for a particular length of time an alarm will let you know.

These kinds of systems are especially reassuring to parents of multiples, or preemies who may need extra attention.

You can find them at ToysRUs or order online

Posted in: News, Author: jgomke (March 28, 2010)
  1. Allyson Walker says:

    Jess-I really like the site! I love that your helping others in your time of sadness.

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