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CPR Classes


Would you know what to do if your baby or young child started to choke? What if they stopped responding and their little body went lifeless; would you know how to help them?

In the US we require all our child care workers to know CPR. This is required because we can’t imagine leaving our children with persons who don’t know how to help them in an emergency. Yet; many parents, expecting parents, grand parents and older siblings do not know small child and infant CPR or how to help a choking child or infant. Some statistics have even shown that less than 4% of parents know infant CPR.

Every year thousands of children become angels from choking, drowning, SIDS and many other reasons that unexpectedly make them stop breathing; many more end up in the hospital because of these events. As parents we must prepare ourselves to help in an emergency. Our children expect us to be able to help them so we as parents must prepare ourselves to help.

One of the best ways to make infant child CPR more accessible is to provide training upon discharge from the hospital when your baby is born. Our charity is working to help this happen in Central Iowa. Though our goal is for everyone to know what to do; grandparents, young babysitters who come into your home so you can go out for an evening, neighbors, family and friends may be the one with your child in an emergency situation…we want everyone to know how to confidently react & help save the life of a small child or infant if  ever in this unimaginable situation.

We hope and pray you never have to go through this…we also want you to be prepared if you ever have to!


About CPR Classes

John’s Charity works with a certified CPR/1st Aid Instructor to provide a free will donation CPR, 1st Aid & Defibillator training classes. These classes focus on small child & infant CPR & 1st Aid training around central Iowa communities.

These training will be held for groups of roughly 24 people at a time. There will be 2 people per practice dummy during the trainings and will roughly 2 hours long.  


These are free will donation trainings. 

Previous Class Successes & Future Enrollment:

First CPR class on May 15, 2010 certified 48 people…including 2 expectant sister, their parents & both their husbands parents, a daycare provider, grandparents, a couple nieghbors of small children, and even a pediatrian. The pediatrian commented that even though she is certified already, she does not do this everyday, so a refresher was good to do!

August 21, 2010 class certified 7 people…mainly parents.

September 19, 2011 class certified 8 people…a couple expecting, new parents & daycare providers. 

September 21, 2012 class educated 12 people…mainly parents and grandparents.

August 13, 2013 class educated 21 people…mainly parents.

May 9, 2015 class educated 6 people…including an expectation mother and two babysitters.

Next training: TBD

This class is limited to 24 participants. Please register by e-mailing events@johnscharity.org or call (515)314-9171 to register TBD. Please include your name, phone number & mailing address.  We will confirm your registration by responding with a confirmation e-mail to the address you provide. 

If you have questions, please contact us at  events@johnscharity.org.

If you are looking for options for CPR certification training available, here are a couple places that offer CPR courses &/or information:

American Heart Association

Sudden cardiac arrest is a major cause of death in the United States. It claims an estimated 250,000 lives each year; 700 a day. Victims of emergencies such as cardiac arrest, stroke, and obstructed airway stand a much better chance of survival if a sequence of action called the chain of survival is initiated.

Mercy Medical Center

Mercy offers Infant CPR and First Aid classes. Please contact Mercy Nurse at (515) 2-HEALTH for more information.

Blank Children’s Hospital

Blank Children’s Hospital offers a CPR course to the general public. For more information call (800)246-8347


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